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All Souls began humbly in autumn 2009 with a handful of families in a living room, dreaming and praying about what a brand new church would be like in our neighborhood, for our neighborhood.

We imagined a worshipping community where we could worship the Living God, follow the Lord Jesus Christ, love one another in authentic relationship, and seek the welfare of our city.

A year later, having gathered many more families, we began meeting weekly for public worship, in October 2010. To get a church off the ground that first year was more hardworking than anyone involved could have imagined(!) and, yet, so much more rewarding than we imagined. Plenty of blood and sweat, and our share of tears...

And we've seen a dynamic, multi-generational community take shape that wasn't here before we began––in our beloved West Seattle. All Souls is now a church family into which folks are welcomed no matter what, are becoming known and being served, are encountering the character of God and his gospel of grace, and are being changed by it. We've celebrated faith at All Souls, both new and renewed!

As our story continues to unfold, we’re excited about what’s ahead. Everything good that has happened has been entirely God's gift to us; he is the builder and the host. We've tried to set the table, but he has provided the meal and guests. Weekly, someone new walks through the door. Most come back, some don’t. But we're struck by the reality that a stake has been put in the ground and God will build upon it. The sowing is his, and the harvest is his.

God’s story is the one unfolding here.

A thousand thank you's to all who've prayed for All Souls and given of themselves so greatly. We're seeing buds on our little tree.

All Souls is a newer church launched in partnership with Grace Seattle, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and the Metro Northwest Church Planting Network, and is an affiliate of Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City.


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